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Reinforce Classes and Preparation for exams

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Reinforcement Classes

Classes designed to reinforce and provide additional support to what is learnt at school in the following ways:

  • Help to complete homework
  • Help to revise and reinforce previous knowledge for an exam
  • Review and consolidate course concepts and objectives for those that don’t have the same level as the rest of the class

Exams Preparation

Preparation for official, quarterly or final exams.
In order to successfully pass exams, students need to learn study techniques, as well as have the knowledge required.

The tutor will provide a set of tools that enable students to understand the concepts of the course, rather than simply memorise them. Students will also practice authentic exam materials.


What do our students say?

Neus is a really great teacher, a real professional, with a lot of very positive energy, and always a smile ! She helped me a lot learning Spanish !

Delphine Dolynny-Rio

French student

Learning Spanish – vale la pena pero es duro !

“You’ll learn Spanish in three months”, they said at my leaving party in Brussels. “It’s an easy language and besides you already know French”. One week later I arrived in Barcelona, eager to learn, eager to speak, and eager to understand…..anything. It turned out to be a lot harder than I (and my friends) thought. In Barcelona, you have the additional challenge of the Catalan which is present in daily life for example in the food markets and street names  – all the words are unfamiliar and you can’t differentiate between Catalan and Castellano (Spanish). 

Samina Samsie

Suecia/ India

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