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Idiomasvivos is a Language School that has been based in Barcelona since 2001. At Idiomasvivos you can learn Spanish, Catalan or other languages in your place of work, in your own home or wherever you choose, without the worry of having to travel.


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Idiomas Vivos

Our teachers are qualified professionals with years of experience and they know that the best place to learn is where the student feels most comfortable.

Our experience and expertise lies in personalised teaching programmes that are matched to the students needs, for individual lessons and/ or private groups. We have created a range of services specifically designed and targeted to enable students to make the most of their classes; for those who want to learn a language quickly and in a short period of time. We also aim to answer any questions or deal with any personal day to day problems in Barcelona.





What do our students say?

Neus was recommended to me when we move with my family to Barcelona. Starting from scratch, she made me and my wife progress fast to reach autonomy level. Very flexible, highly adaptable to the need, she come to you in the office or at home and tailor the lessons to your need. I have since recommended Neus multiple times to friends and colleagues and all give a similar feedback. I can only warmly recommend.

Geoffroy de Beaucorps

Global Finance Operation Director at PageGroup

I started studying, first in a smaller group with other foreigners and then in one-to one private lessons, and slowly but surely I started to learn and understand the difference between pan con tomate and pa amb tomaque, the difference between “calle” and “carrer”. I started to understand the verb structures and the direct way of speaking compared to English (not many people say “I would like” in Spanish, it’s more “Yo quiero”). I admit that the subjunctive verb forms confused me a long time (and even now when I’m stressed, I make mistakes), but slowly it’s getting there.

I decided to try to pass the Cervantes Spanish Language Exam (B2 level). Intensive studying, a lot of writing (and re-writing!) short essays, pouring over regular and irregular verbs and learning difficult grammatical rules, I finally went to sit the exams (written, listening and oral). It was stressful and nerve-racking, but I was so happy when I finally found out that I had passed! One glass of celebratory cava later and I was already planning continuing my studying for the C1 level!

Samina Samsie – Suecia/ India

Fusion for Energy

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