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Company training: total immersion, one-on-one,  specific skills training, group lessons (phone lessons, grammar in use on-line)

What do we offer?

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Private Classes

Tailor-made business classes for 1 or 2 students matched to the specific profiles and needs of the individual(s).

These classes are particularly aimed at busy people who don’t have a lot of spare time; those who need the total attention of the teacher to ensure maximum benefit from their classes.


Business Groups

The group will consist of between 2 to 6 people from the same company. Classes function in the same way as the individual classes but they are focused specifically on the business needs of the group rather than the individual.

Groups should be organised for those who have the same objectives because they work in the same area or department.


Total Immersion Course 4/6 hours

This is a personalized immersion course for people who need to learn or perfect their use of the language in a short time for professional or personal reasons.

We offer two options:

  • 4 hour Option – Including breakfast or a coffee break with the teacher.
  • 6 hour Option – Including lunch with the teacher.

Specific Skills Training Course

These are courses for specific professional areas, available for individuals or groups. These courses are aimed at people who need to make presentations for work for any type of event: sales, accounts, product launches, conferences, welcome events etc…

Students should send information about their needs and requirements a few days before the classes for it to be prepared in advance by the teacher. This ensures that students can develop and work on the content more effectively during the course.



Telephone Classes

Telephone classes are ideal for professionals who don’t have enough time for regular classes. They can be done at lunch time or after work and offer an excellent opportunity to practice talking in a foreign language in a telephone situation.

During these classes, Spanish is spoken in typical daily situations like those produced during a normal working day e.g. conversations with customers or suppliers etc.



Writing or On-line Grammar Course

This is an online course aimed at those who need to improve their level of written Spanish or Catalan. When learning any language, there is never enough time to really study written texts (emails, business letters, contracts, reports, etc) closely. With this in mind, we have created a writing course which practises just that.

We think this on line course is the perfect complement to studying in the classroom because the student can do it at anytime and anywhere. As such, students can make the most of their study time, which speeds up the learning process. The online course can also be used to practice written grammar, receiving exercises and corrections from the teacher by e-mail.

This course is not limited to current students. It is also open to those who have language skills but specifically need to improve their written skills.



What do our students say?

Learning Spanish – vale la pena pero es duro !

“You’ll learn Spanish in three months”, they said at my leaving party in Brussels. “It’s an easy language and besides you already know French”. One week later I arrived in Barcelona, eager to learn, eager to speak, and eager to understand…..anything. It turned out to be a lot harder than I (and my friends) thought. In Barcelona, you have the additional challenge of the Catalan which is present in daily life for example in the food markets and street names  – all the words are unfamiliar and you can’t differentiate between Catalan and Castellano (Spanish).

I started studying, first in a smaller group with other foreigners and then in one-to one private lessons, and slowly but surely I started to learn and understand the difference between pan con tomate and pa amb tomaque, the difference between “calle” and “carrer”. I started to understand the verb structures and the direct way of speaking compared to English (not many people say “I would like” in Spanish, it’s more “Yo quiero”). I admit that the subjunctive verb forms confused me a long time (and even now when I’m stressed, I make mistakes), but slowly it’s getting there.

I decided to try to pass the Cervantes Spanish Language Exam (B2 level). Intensive studying, a lot of writing (and re-writing!) short essays, pouring over regular and irregular verbs and learning difficult grammatical rules, I finally went to sit the exams (written, listening and oral). It was stressful and nerve-racking, but I was so happy when I finally found out that I had passed! One glass of celebratory cava later and I was already planning continuing my studying for the C1 level!

Samina Samsie – Suecia/ India

Fusion for Energy

Neus was recommended to me when we move with my family to Barcelona. Starting from scratch, she made me and my wife progress fast to reach autonomy level. Very flexible, highly adaptable to the need, she come to you in the office or at home and tailor the lessons to your need. I have since recommended Neus multiple times to friends and colleagues and all give a similar feedback. I can only warmly recommend.

Geoffroy de Beaucorps

Global Finance Operation Director at PageGroup

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